Top Best Tips for Wood-Waste Grinder Maintenance

Top Best Tips for Wood-Waste Grinder Maintenance

The rule of thumb when it comes to keeping your waste-wood grinder machine healthy and productive is being proactive. You must ensure that your machine is properly maintained. Among the key areas that you need to consider is the grinder wear parts. These the main parts that do the actual cutting and grinding of the wood to produce fine chips.

But how do you ensure that proper maintenance of the machine is achieved? Well, there are numerous ways that you can ensure. First, you must target the key areas of the machine that is likely to be affected by the high rate of wear and abrasion. Here are the top best tips for wood waste management:

Inspect the Load

Proper maintenance should start from the age. Note that whatever you feed to the machine will determine the overall rate of wear and tear of the machine. Make sure that you’ve inspected the state the wood that you are about to grind. Make sure that there are contaminants in the material. Some of the foreign materials such as stones and metals can cause damages to grinder teeth and the hammer. Such contaminants should be sorted out before you start grinding. That will, you will prevent unnecessary damages to the grinder wear parts.

Daily, Schedule Maintenance

To some operators, maintenance is a big problem. Some of them do not care about the maintenance as long as the machine is working. But that should not be the case; you should have the machine maintained regularly. If you are grinding wood every day, it is important to ensure that the machine is maintained on a daily basis. Make sure that you have come up with a daily schedule on why the machine will be maintained. The most important parts to check are the grinder wear parts.  Check their conditions and more so the sharpness of the wood grinder teeth and the hammer.

Observe Telematics

The modern machine has advanced greatly in terms of technology. You will notice that manufacturers are making things much easier by automating most of the manual functions. Nowadays, you don’t have checked the level of oil and other fluids, temperature and other parameters that need to maintain at a certain level. The modern machines are designed with telematics which monitors all these factors for a healthy machine. Once you get these alerts, you must have the machine checked and the problem rectified.

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