Tips To Improve Your Auger Bit Teeth for High Profitability

Tips To Improve Your Auger Bit Teeth for High Profitability

If you are doing commercial drilling, then you profit margins should always be the top main item. You need to recoup your money really quick as well as make something for yourself, but you cannot achieve that if your machine is not operating at peak performance. That’s the only way that you can maintain high productivity throughout the period.

However, maintaining peak performance is only possible if the condition of the teeth is maintained. But with the wear and tear of the teeth due to abrasive conditions, you need to come up with measures that can help you keep improving the condition of your auger bit teeth. Here are tips on how you can achieve high profitability with auger bit teeth:

Pick the Right auger bit teeth

Did you check the quality of auger bit while buying? Well, quality is an important factor that determined the performance of you drilling equipment. Whether it was the bit teeth was meant for, it is always recommended that you pick the best quality and the right teeth. That should always be the very first thing while buying the machine. You need to have the right teeth in terms of what you want they are meant for. Select the best quality material. The tip should be tungsten carbide while the body is made from quality steel.

Keep the Shank sharp

Another trick to keep your auger bit teeth performing at peak is keeping the bit sharp as if they are new. That is what cutting performance is all about. The teeth must always be offering maximum cutting performance. NOTE that auger teeth can only drill through the soil easily if they are sharp enough. Therefore, you need to have the teeth sharpened regularly, especially if you notice a dull or blunt at the edges. That will ensure that the tip is regularly renewed for constant peak performance.

Proper Maintenance

You must ensure that you auger bit teeth(click here to know more about it) and the overall machine is maintained properly. This is the best way to keep your equipment in the best condition always. But do not confuse proper maintenance with the recommended timelines manufacturer. Make sure that you have equipment checked regularly, especially while operating on a regular basis.  If possible, check the machine and every time after drilling. That’s the only way that you’ll be able to identify problems early and fix them. Proper maintenance also improves the overall performance and output of the machine.

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