Reasons for excessive wear of forestry mulcher teeth

Reasons for excessive wear of forestry mulcher teeth

Wearing down of forestry mulcher teeth is a common problem with all machines. However, it should raise the alarm if the rate is too high. That is because there must be something wrong with the machine. High rate of forestry mulcher teeth wear down will have detrimental effects on your mulching activities. First, you will be unable to mulch effectively and efficiently as it should be with the mulching machine. The second thing and the most devastating is the cost operation. The cost of the operation of the machine is extremely high with the excessive wear of mulcher teeth.

So what could be causing excessive wear of your forestry mulcher teeth? Well, there is a number of factors that could be leading to this. Check out the following:

Poor Quality Teeth

One of the biggest reason why most people have to endure excessive wear of forestry mulcher teeth is the quality of teeth. You will be shocked by the fact that most people go for what is selling cheap in the market. What they don’t know is that the cheap mulcher teeth come with low-quality features. The quality of the carbide and the steel used for the construction of teeth is very low. The impact of these kinds of teeth cannot deliver for the intended conditions. Therefore, exposing them to forestry condition will increase the rate of wear and tear.

Wrong Application

The second reason why forestry mulcher teeth could be wearing out really first is due to wrong application. All types of mulcher teeth are designed to work in a specific condition. If the design and manufacturing of the teeth was work in vegetation without abrasive or stony conditions, then it should be used for that. Therefore, if you are mulching in conditions that are abrasive and with stones with such kind of teeth, then you will have a problem with excessive wear. Therefore, make sure the set of teeth that you have on your mulching machine is used properly.

Poor Maintenance

As mentioned above, forestry mulcher teeth wear is a common problem. To make sure that the rate is insignificant, proper maintenance of the cutting system is highly recommended. It helps you to identify the problem in the early stages becomes worse.  If the teeth are not properly maintained, then you will have a problem with excessive wear. Therefore, make sure that you have followed a tight maintenance schedule to keep your teeth in the best condition possible. That will also help to reduce excessive wear.


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