Why Tungsten Carbide Is Recommended for Drilling Tools

Why Tungsten Carbide Is Recommended for Drilling Tools

When it comes to foundation drilling and other forms drilling, quality of the tools is a critical factor. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for the get any fulfilling results out of your drilling works if you rely on inferior tools. It is also expensive in the long run. However, the market has something for your money and that’s where most people get it wrong. In most cases, people go for what they can cheaply afford thus compromising the performance and productivity of their drilling equipment. But there is a reason why tungsten carbide is the most recommended material for the construction of the foundation drilling tools.

Carbide is usually used for the construction of foundation drilling tools’ tips. Note that this is the part of the cutting bits that do the actual cutting of the soil. It is also the part that is directly exposed to the heat generated while drilling. So what are the key properties that make tungsten carbide the most recommended? Well, there are numerous reasons that make this material stand out;

First, tungsten carbide has high resistance to wear properties. That is one of the key properties that make it stand out from the rest of the metals including cast steel. Tungsten carbide is made from the highest grade of carbide material, mixed with cobalt material to make it extremely strong. Therefore, it has a very high melting point and that is why it is less affected by heat developed while drilling. That explains why foundation drilling tools with tips made from tungsten carbide material rarely get blunt or dull.

Second, tungsten carbide material is resistant to abrasion. Abrasion is one thing that damages drilling bits and teeth amongst other tools. Due to the addition of large amount cobalt material, tungsten carbide material particles are strongly held together thus making a very hard and strong metal. That is the reason why it comes with abrasion resistance properties making foundation drilling tools extremely powerful for rocky conditions.

Lastly, tungsten carbide is less costly to maintain. Wear and abrasion are the two key things that damage foundation drilling tools. But with tungsten carbide, the effects of these two are significantly reduced. That means you will spend less on repairing auger bits. You will also spend less on replacement auger teeth and other drilling material. However, the initial cost is a little bit higher.

In addition, tungsten carbide offers high performance and productivity. The level of output will also be improved significantly with carbide tipped foundation drilling tools.

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