Benefits Of Tungsten Carbide Tub Grinder Wear parts

Benefits Of Tungsten Carbide Tub Grinder Wear parts

Tub grinders are some of the popular machines in the wood processing industry. That is because of the numerous benefits especially when combined with horizontal models of the wood grinders. However, for the operator to enjoy the numerous benefits that these machines provide, the quality of wear parts is critical. However, it is also essential to know how to assess the quality of tub grinder parts. The best way quality tub grinder parts are made from the tungsten carbide material.

However, it is essential to note that for the tub grinder parts, tungsten carbide is used for the cutter tip only. The rest of the made from almost equally strong steel material. The reason for that is because carbide material is very expensive to make the whole teeth. But the small shank on the tub grinder cutter tools brings numerous benefits. Here are some of the reason:

High Performance

One of the greatest achievement that a tub grinder operator can get is hitting peak performance. With that, it means that the machine is giving peak productivity as well. The result is high profitability. That is something that you cannot get from the common materials used for tub grinder parts. Therefore, if you buy tub grinder teeth or blades made from highest grade of tungsten carbide, then you will enjoy high performance of the machine.

High Strength

The second that you will enjoy by investing in tungsten carbide tub grinder parts are high strength tools. This is one of the key properties of machine cutter tools. Tool hardness is the property that enables them to withstand demanding conditions. Tungsten carbide material has more cobalt material than what we have in the typical carbide which is one thing that makes extremely strong. With such tools, your drilling teeth will experience less wear and tears. You will also be able to improve the performance of the tub grinder significantly.

Extended Service Life

The lifespan of tub grinder parts should also be one of the key factors to consider. You don’t want to buy wear parts that will wear down in the next few days. That is why it is important to ensure that you are investing in wear parts that will also give value for money. Tungsten carbide is one of the materials that make tools with very high service life. Tungsten carbide tools have high wear and abrasion resistance, high strength, and extremely high hardness. These are properties that the tungsten carbide tub grinder parts a longer useful life.


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