4 Benefits of King Kong Forged Teeth

4 Benefits of King Kong Forged Teeth

King Kong is a market leader in the manufacturing and supplying of the aftermarket industrial tools. The company is best known for its incredible collection of cutting tools for almost all machines and more so for the solid waste management machines. But one of the biggest features that have made King Kong teeth stand out if quality.

King Kong has invested heavily in both materials and process of manufacturing. They use the best materials for their teeth but what is unique is the quality of the process. Steel forging is one of the reasons why King Kong teeth are widely popular in the market. But why is that? Here are some of the biggest benefits of King Kong forged teeth:

High Quality

The quality of the King Kong forged teeth is top notch and one of the best that you can find in the market. Due to the kind of conditions that there are mostly applied, such as foundation, road milling, and forestry mulching, they are made from highest grade steel for the body and carbide for the tip. These are high-grade materials, and that’s how the quality of the teeth is achieved.

High Strength

With the quality of teeth being maintained, King Kong has gone further to ensure that the strength aspect of the teeth is achieved. That is what forging does to the teeth. Forging or heat treating is used to harden the teeth. As a result of exposure to the high amount of heat, the material is hardened by streamlining the atomic structure of the steel molecules to produce an incredibly tough metal structure.

High Cutting Performance

The cutting performance is one of the critical things that you need to consider while buying machine teeth. It is a crucial factor that determined the actual performance of the machine. However, cutting performance is only achieved if the material teeth quality is good and has been passed through the hardening process. Forging or heat treating is one of the best ways to harden the teeth to ensure that you’ve gotten the best cutting performance.

Low Cost of Operation

One of the major things that would cause a huge loss is the uncontrolled cost of operation. This cost is a combination of maintenance cost and the running cost. Maintenance is about the rate of wear and tear of the machine’s wear parts. That includes the King Kong teeth wear down. However, with King Kong forged teeth, such costs will be minimized to an insignificant amount. That is how the cost of operation is reduced.


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