Why It’s Smart to Invest in Aftermarket Mining Drill Bits

Why It’s Smart to Invest in Aftermarket Mining Drill Bits

In recent years, we have experienced an increase in the use of aftermarket machine parts. The rise in popularity of these tools can be associated with the numerous benefits they have over most of the available alternatives. If you are in the mining sector, there are many benefits that you can get from investing in the aftermarket mining drill bits.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why it’s smart to invest in aftermarket mining drill bits. Check out the following:

You Will Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of investing in aftermarket mining drill bits is affordability. Unlike the other alternatives such as the original tools, they are cheaper hence more affordable to the users. One of the reasons why aftermarket mining drill bits are cheaper without compromising the quality of the teeth is less investment in research. They just use what the original manufacturer has researched on to produce their products. Therefore, you will be spending less money if you choose to go the aftermarket mining drill bits way.

High Quality

Although sometimes back the quality of aftermarket products was in doubt, things have really changed. We have serious and reputable aftermarket manufacturers in the market, such as King Kong, Pengo, and JYF Machinery. These are companies that are producing in incredibly high quality wear parts of the same level as the original manufacturers. For the mining cutter tools, these aftermarket producers are using tungsten carbide material for the tip and alloy steel for the body. They are also using the best brazing technology for strong joints. Therefore, the quality of mining drill bits is one of the best that you can find in the market.


Another benefit that you get from investing aftermarket mining drill bits is their availability. In fact, you will not struggle to find these tools in the market when you need them. Unlike the original manufacturer wear parts that are only produced by a single manufacturer, aftermarket tools are produced by several manufacturers. Some of them could be near you. Therefore, you can easily buy them from a store in your area. That is not the same with the original manufacturers who are mostly based overseas; hence buying from them requires waiting for shipping to be done.


Most of the aftermarket mining drill bits are compatible with a number of brands. Therefore, you might need to buy your machine brand and but go for what fits in your machine.

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