Why Invest In Steel Forged Auger Teeth Replacement

Why Invest In Steel Forged Auger Teeth Replacement

 While replacing you auger teeth, it recommended that you check the quality of teeth that you need to check. Among the most things that you need to consider is the performance and productivity of your machine. That is why most if the drilling cutter tools should always be carbide tipped. However, the quality of the steel material used for the body is a critical thing to consider. There are various types of steel in the market that you need to consider seriously for auger teeth replacement while making replacement. Forged steel is one of the best options that you need to consider due to its incredible features. Here are some of the advantages of forged steel:

High Strength

Forges steel auger teeth are generally tougher compared to other options in the market.  That is simply because the grain flows of the steel material are altered to conform to the shape of the teeth thus giving the material high strength features.  Therefore, these auger teeth replacement can withstand harsh condition more than other alternatives such as cast steel. That makes them the best option for the forestry mulching tasks that do not require carbide inserts. They can last for longer and produce incredible results as well.

High Resistance to Impact

One of the biggest benefits of forged steel auger teeth replacement is that they are resistant to impact.  Impact resistant is simply the ability of the auger teeth to withstand the high force applied to it while drilling. If you are drilling tough conditions, such as rocky grounds, the teeth will be exposed to high impact which would greatly affect the longevity of the teeth. Therefore, they can be applied in tough conditions and steel body will be able to absorb the impact that the tip is exposed to.

Mechanically Strong

Steel forged auger teeth replacement have a tight grain structure that makes them mechanically stronger than most of the available alternative. While of the most of the steel making processes require expensive alloys to attain the mechanical strength, the forging method does not need all that. These teeth are extremely strong, and that is why they can mulch even the most demanding working ground with a lot of ease.

High Wear Resistance and Abrasion

Due to material tight grain structure, steel forged auger teeth replacement(click here to know more about it) comes with high resistance properties. These teeth are resistant to wear and abrasion which are some of the major causes of reduced lifespan of the machine.


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