Want to Buy a Used Vermeer Stump Grinder: Check Out These Tips

Want to Buy a Used Vermeer Stump Grinder: Check Out These Tips

If you are planning to buy a used Vermeer stump grinder, then you could be making massive saving from the deal. Although most people are attached to new stump grinding machines, a second-hand one could be as good as a new one. However, there are a few things that you need to consider to ensure that you have gotten the right machine. Otherwise, you might find yourself investing in an obsolete piece of stump grinding machine. If you are planning to buy a used grinder, here are key tips that will help you get the best used:

Check the Actual Age of the Grinder

The age of the stump grinder can tell you how long the machine has been used. However, a refurbished Vermeer stump grinder may appear new thus making it difficult to get its actual age. In some cases, the dealers repaint the equipment giving it an entirely new face. That makes it difficult for the newbies to tell how old of the machine is with just a look. Ask for the original documentation for the equipment to help you ascertain the age. Note that the age of the grinder will in a great way determine the pricing of the machine. Such information will give you an idea of the possible pricing of the equipment.

The condition of Teeth and Teeth Holder

The condition of Vermeer stump grinder teeth, teeth holder and other wear part is an important factor to consider. They are the main parts that run the operations of the machine and thus the need to have them in good shape. If you are buying from dealers, make sure that you have carefully checked the condition of the teeth and the teeth holders. In addition, it is also important to check the condition of the wheel as well. First, check the quality of the material that has been used in the construction of the wear parts. The highest grade material should be used for the construction. The material used for the manufacturing of the teeth should be tungsten carbide.

Check the Belts

The transmission of the energy from the motor to the wheel and the teeth is crucial. That is why the condition of the belt is one of the critical parts that you need to get right. Check the condition of the belt. If the belts’ condition is not good, then you will have a problem with getting peak condition. Ensure that the Vermeer stump grinder belts are in the best condition possible.

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