Properties of Quality Auger Tips

Properties of Quality Auger Tips

While buying teeth for your auger attachment, one of the critical factors that you need to check is the quality of the tip. By being the part of the teeth that do the actual cutting, its quality must be of critical importance. However, it can be a real bit tricky, especially for the newbies to get the right auger tip. This is because everything looks the same physically making it difficult to discern the quality by looking at the item.

But how can you discern the quality of auger tips(click here to know more about it)? Well, you need to get a little bit technical for you to discern the various qualities that the market is offering. We are going to look at of the key properties that define quality auger tip. Check out the following:

High hardness and strength

Due to the nature of the conditions auger teeth are exposed to, hardness and strength of the tip are an essential factor to consider. Therefore you need to check these properties before you can commit your money to the item. However, the only way that you get the strength and hardness of the tip is to buy considering the grade of materials that have been used for their constructions. Among the best material that has been found to offer incredible hardness and strength is the tungsten carbide, which the highest grade of carbide.

Superior Wear Resistance

One of the major problems that people struggle with is the high cost of repairs and maintenance. But most operators fail to address the real source of the problem, and in the end, the cost keeps escalating. The high rate of wear and abrasion are the major causes of increased running and operating cost. That also impact on the teeth performance and the over efficiency of the drilling machine. To avoid these inconveniences, you need to look for superior resistance features in the auger tip. Make sure that the material for the tip construction has superior wear resistance properties.

Easy to Weld

The teeth will need to be welded on the teeth body and in this case, steel body, for it to work. That is why it is essential to ensure that the material used for the construction of the teeth is easy to weld. It should not crack while welding or otherwise, it will be wasted money. Note that there are there are different types of welding with braze being the most recommend. It may as well be weld-on teeth. Therefore, ensure that the tip can be welded without cracking.

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