Here are The Different Trencher Teeth Pattern Types You Should Know

Here are The Different Trencher Teeth Pattern Types You Should Know

Here are The Different Trencher Teeth Pattern Types You Should Know

The truth is that the performance of your trencher largely depends on the type of trencher teeth pattern you choose. In this case, you need to be familiar with the operating mechanism of your trencher before settling for a specific option.

Additionally, you need to know that trenchers can be used on different surfaces, hence the need to have the right teeth installed. In the interest of assisting you in understanding the concept of trencher teeth pattern, here are some of the prime types that you should be familiar with.

Cap Tooth Pattern

Essentially, this type of pattern is viewed as the traditional style. They are ideally the standard type of trencher teeth, whose shape is cooped in nature. It is recommended that this type of teeth should be used in all manner of soil compositions except the rocky type.

This means that the cup tooth pattern can easily develop some issues when exposed to hard surfaces. It is further recommended that the cap tooth for trenchers should be subjected to regular maintenance exercises to mitigate the possibility of extensive damage due to unfriendly exposures.

Shark Tooth

Shark teeth for trenchers are considered to be strong in nature, and hence can be used in breaking rocks and maneuvering hard surfaces. As the name suggests, the pattern portrayed by the said type of teeth resembles shark teeth.

It is also important to note that the teeth are carbide-tipped to ensure that they easily cut through hard surfaces without any issues. The durability of such teeth is largely guaranteed due to their strength and a high degree of tolerance.

Alligator Tooth

This type and pattern of trencher teeth are closely related to the shark teeth, only that the functionality and movement are different. In essence, alligator teeth tend to rotate throughout the digging process to ensure that different soil chips are covered fully and efficiently.

The best part is that the teeth are hard and strong such that they can cut through hard rocks. Therefore, you can be assured of the best performance.

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