Forging And Extrusion Explained: Benefits You Need To Know

Forging And Extrusion Explained: Benefits You Need To Know

Forging and extrusion are both essential parts of the metal production process. In both cases, the production of the metal parts uses force on the material. Forging is a process where you acquire metal parts through either hammering or exerting a lot of force, and in extrusion, the deformed metal flows into a chamber.

What is forging?

Forging methods may differ depending on the amount of temperature used. Hot or cold, the hot forging process entails heating the billet to high temperatures, while the cold forging process entails hammering the workpiece at room temperature.

Benefits of forging

  • Forging has significant metals softens, allowing more types and designs to be acquired a complex design can also be obtained by forging
  • Forging can change metals into different shapes easily
  • Forged parts are readily available and affordable
  • Forged parts have greater toughness and strength
  • These parts are more durable and hence require minimum secondary parts.
  • Forged can be used to mould unlimited sizes and lengths of parts as per customer requirements
  • Forged metals can be stretched by hammering or striking without breaking or being ruined

What is extrusion?

Extrusion is a manufacturing process where the metal or workpiece is pushed through an opening to create the required shape. Extrusion requires space within an object to form a metal part. Nickel and Aluminium are the most commonly used metals for extrusion

Benefits of Extrusion

  • Extrusion allows progressive manufacturing
  • Parts acquired from extrusion are cheaper and readily available
  • Can make all forms of the end product as required by the end-user
  • Through extrusion high productivity level is achieved
  • All the components needed in a metal part are well mixed during extrusion
  • Multiple types of raw materials can be used in an extrusion process
  • Parts acquired from extrusion have a smooth finishing surface which makes them attractive

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