Benefits of Maintaining Proper Foundation Drilling Parameters

Benefits of Maintaining Proper Foundation Drilling Parameters

When it comes to foundation drilling, operating as per the set parameters is critical. Every machine or cutting tools come with set parameters which the operator must observe. The main idea behind these settings is to help the operator to avoid overworking the foundation drilling tools, which could result in a high rate of wear and abrasion. Similarly, the set parameters can help the operator know when they are under-utilizing their machine. So what are the main benefits of maintaining proper foundation drilling parameters? Well, here are the major benefits:

Extended Tool Life

One of the major causes of the reduced lifespan of tools is misuse, and that includes operating them beyond the set parameters. If you are overworking the tools, several things happen. First, a lot of pressure and heat is produced, and that accelerates the rate of wear and abrasion of the tip and the rest of the teeth. If that is repeated for a long time, the lifespan of the tools is drastically reduced. Therefore, by maintaining operating parameters as per cutting conditions, you will be extending the lifespan of machine tools. In short, the maintenance and repair costs will be significantly reduced.

Increases Productivity

There have been some misconceptions, especially with newbies, that you can increase the productivity of a drilling machine by working at the highest speed possible. That is not true, and in most cases, it delivers the opposite of that. Buy overworking you drilling equipment; you increase the load on other parts of the machine, and that results in poor efficiency of the machine. With poor efficiency, the overall performance of the machine is reduced and thus the productivity. So if you want to get the best output out of your machine, operate it within the set parameters. That will ensure a constant output and for long.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintenance is directly related to the rate of wear and abrasion of the drilling machine. Consequently, the rate of wear is contributed by the use of a drilling machine. If the set parameters are exceeded, then it means a high rate of wear and thus high cost of repairs and maintenance. Therefore, by operating your foundation drilling tools within the proper parameters, you will significantly reduce the rate of wear down. That will definitely result in reduced cost of maintenance.

Observe keenly how you are using your foundation drilling tools. There is a lot of benefits that you can get if you operate with the set parameters.

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