5 Common Application Of Hydraulic Press Forming Machine

5 Common Application Of Hydraulic Press Forming Machine

When a hydraulic press forming machine is mentioned, what comes to your mind? Well, most people don’t know how versatile these machines are. In fact, you will find out that most of these machines can be used in a range of industries. Unfortunately, most people think that these machines can only be used for forming metals, which is not correct.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the major applications of hydraulic press forming machine. We have been able to highlight five of the major. Here some of the areas that these machines can be applied:

Car Manufacturing

One of the industries where the hydraulic press forming machines are applied is in the car manufacturing industry. Almost everything from the engines to the body is made from the press technology. Motor vehicle manufacturing still continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries. It is also one of the biggest consumers of these machines. Just look at your car, and almost everything you see press formed.

Plastic Manufacturing

Another area where hydraulic press forming machine is used is the manufacturing of plastic products. Don’t be surprised if you learn that a majority of plastic products you see are made of the press forming technology. Using dies, these machines are able to produce the needed plastic shapes in basins for large products such as tanks and so on.

Aeronautic Industry

Just like cars and other automotive machines, the aeronautic industry is a big consumer of hydraulic press forming machines. Planes are made of special metal sheets that enable them to fly with ease. But the formation of the aircraft skins, cowls, and airframe components is done using hydraulic press forming machines. There are also many other parts of the plane that uses parts made from these press machines.


Machine Parts Production


Machine wear parts are being produced continuously to address the demand for the worn-out parts. There are many ways that these machine parts are produced, but press forming is one of them. Most of the wear parts are constructed using the hydraulic press forming machine. This also includes wear parts for the same press forming machines.


Building Industry

The other industry where hydraulic press forming machines are applied in the building industry. You must have noticed that modern architecture is including the use of metal beans and metals sheets. The construction of these construction materials and many others uses hydraulic press forming machines.

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