4 Features That Makes A Perfect Loftness Carbide Cutter

4 Features That Makes A Perfect Loftness Carbide Cutter

Whether you are buying from the original manufacturer, OEM, or aftermarket manufacturers, there are key features of Loftness carbide cutter you need to know. There are features that make an ideal mulching machine and helps to produce high performance and productivity. In this post, we are going to look at some of the crucial that make perfect Loftness carbide cutter. Check out the following:

Carbide Grade

The first thing that you need to look out for in the Loftness carbide cutter is the grade of the carbide material used. It is important for buyers to understand that there are various types of carbide materials in the market. The most widely used grade is the tungsten carbide material, which is a combination of carbide and cobalt material. The combination produces one of the hardest metals, making it ideal for cutters tools. But the amount of cobalt in the carbide matters. The higher the cobalt percentage, the higher is the grade of the carbide.

Two-Stage Cutting Chamber

This is one of the advanced features used in the designing and production of Loftness carbide cutter. The design is mainly used for maximizing the cutting performance of the cutter tools and the mulching machine. The two-stage cutting change feature has the cutting chamber made with staggered counter teeth. The design produces faster grinding of the foliage as well as reducing the size of the particles produced. These are just some of the benefits that you get from this feature. That’s why it is one of the key features to look for

Cutter Hardening

The mulching process is very abrasive, and thus you require Loftness carbide cutter that can withstand rough conditions. The amount of temperature generated from the mulching trees limbs and other wood can be very high. So you need to invest in cutter tools that will not be affected by heat deformation when exposed to heat. That’s why teeth hardening is one of the crucial factors you need to consider. Check the kind of hardening techniques that the manufacturer has used.

Size Of The Tip

For the Loftness carbide cutter to be effective and serve you for a longer time, you need to consider the size of the carbide tip. This is a very crucial feature because it directly determines how long you can use the teeth. Depending on the size of the cutter tools, you need to have the maximum size of the carbide tip. The large the size of the carbide tip, the longer is the lifespan of the Loftness carbide cutter.

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