3 Main Types of Road Milling Machines


3 Main Types of Road Milling Machines

When it comes selecting your road milling machines or the cold planers, there are a few things that you need to consider. The most critical of all is determining the types of the machine that you need to deliver a certain project within the shortest time possible with minimal input or cost. But the best way to achieve that is by having the right machine for the job. Fortunately, the market has everything that you need and the only thing you need to identify what you need based on the surface that you’ll be working in.

There are 3 maintain types of machines in the market. However, the most common machines and forms the larger number of cold planers in the market are the half-lane machines weighing around 60,000 to about 90,000 pounded. But there are other alternatives in the market that you choose from. Here are the main options:

Full-Lane Units

These machines may not be so popular in the market as their counterparts but are widely used in a range of large projects. One thing that makes these machines stand out is the ability to cut the whole lane at once. These machines typically cut 12 to 12.5 foot which is quite impressive for anyone handling larger projects. They can also grind a path as wide as 154.5 feet.  These are high-horsepower machines that are powered two powerful engines to deliver such a massive output. These machines are mostly recommended in road milling projects where production is crucial.

Half-Lane Units

These are the most common types of machine that you can find in the market. They are highly recommended due to their versatility in application. They also offer incredible manoeuverability and productivity properties making them an excellent choice for most of the people of the contractors. They cut roughly 7-foot-wide and are powered by 600 to 800 engines. They are extremely efficient and extremely versatile in application, and that’s the reason why they enjoy a strong foothold in the market.

Small Commercial Machines

These machines are increasingly becoming popular in the market. They are widely used in areas where the rest of machines can’t be used. They are mostly used in the constructing parking lots, bridge decks, driveways and in the maintenance and repair asphalt and cement floor. These are the kinds of machines that you need in areas where size and weight is restricted. They also offer impressive maneuverability, performance and production.

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