3 Best Types of Tip for Your Foundation Drilling Bits

3 Best Types of Tip for Your Foundation Drilling Bits

When it comes to foundation drilling tools, drilling bits or teeth are the most critical elements. These are the part of the teeth that do the actual drilling work. Quality matters when it comes drilling bits. Although most people talk about the quality of drilling bits or teeth, the most critical parts to consider is the tip. Note that teeth tips or shanks are the parts that come directly with the surface and thus they should be sturdy enough to overcome demanding conditions. However, there are different types of tips which you can choose depending on the kind of drilling that you want to carry out. Here are three best types of tips that you can pick from:

Plug Tips

If you are drilling demanding conditions where maximum toughness is required, then these are the type of teeth that you should invest in. Plug tips are specially designed to be extremely powerful, and they are widely in extremely demanding conditions. These tips are made with a physical lock between the steel and carbide which makes them extremely powerful. They are an excellent choice for conditions such as hard rock, shot rock, chunk rock, mixed rock, and dirt. Plug tips are also the ideal choice of excessive impact conditions.

Cap Tips

The major difference between cap tips from the plug tips is the nature of the joint joining the carbide to the steel.  Cap tips are joined using the braze joint, and thus they are not as powerful as the plug tips. However, they are a great option of those looking for high abrasion resistance properties. These tips work best in softer and more abrasive soil. The design of the teeth tip helps in diverting material away from the steel body thus reducing the wear on the body of the teeth. Note that cap tips cannot withstand high impact surfaces. So if you are looking for tips that can offer maximum abrasion resistance, cap tip would be a perfect choice.

Narrow Bottom- NB

NB is a combination of a plug and a cap design, and that is what makes it superior to any of the two. These tips are designed with superior strength, high versatility, and abrasion resistance features.  Narrow Bottom tips can excel in both abrasive and hard conditions. In fact, they are designed as multi-purpose types of tips. Although they are a little bit expensive compared to cap and plug tips, they offer value for money.

These are the best types of tips that you can select as part of your drilling machine. As part of foundation drilling tools, your choice will significantly determine the output of your drilling equipment.

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