Key Attributes to Look for In A Wood Tub Grinder Supplier

Key Attributes to Look for In A Wood Tub Grinder Supplier

Wood waste processing or management one of the new business horizons where investors are huge ROI. The demand for wood products keep rising, and thus the market is still open. What you need is a wood tub grinder, which is a beast that reduced wood into fine chips that can be used in various industry including boilers as fuel. However, you need to get the right quality machine if you want to get high returns on your investment.

There are numerous types of wood tub grinder machine from various manufacturers. But they all vary in various aspects including the quality of the machine. What matters the most is the supplier that you are dealing. You need to know if they can provide you with the correct machine or not. Here are some of the attributes that you should look out for.

Experience in Manufacturing

One of the key things that you need to consider when it comes to selecting a wood tub grinder supplier is an experience. That is an important thing to consider since there are a number of new manufacturers in the market. Due to their lack experience and properly established plant, the quality of the machine can be questioned. There are a number of people who have to complain about inferior quality machines after buying from such companies. Therefore, check the experience that the supplier is bringing on board before doing business with them.


If the manufacturer has been in the industry for decades, now check their reputation. This is an important attribute that should never be ignored. This is essential especially if you are dealing with a manufacturer for the first time and without referrals. Note that the fact they have been around for decades is not an indication of quality supplies. Therefore, check what previous customers are saying about them. You must also check how they handle complaints from customers.

Are they Local?

The location of the supplier is another factor that you must consider in a supplier. It is an important factor since it determines how quick you will get the wood tub grinder as well as replacements.  There are numerous advantages to a local manufacturer. But if the manufacturer is based overseas, they should have a local outlet. That should also work for you. However, going local is highly recommended.

Shipping Time

If the supplier/manufacturer is not local and does not have a local outlet, you need to consider their shipping time. They should have a quick and elaborate logistics for fast delivery. You need to check what other customers’ experience with the same supplier was.